Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Douglas Alexander you are a complete *rse

Is it any wonder that people despair of the political process and politicians in general. Opportunistic, self serving, disconnected, greedy, lazy, vacuous, choose what you will and apply liberally. . For myself I am getting a bit long in the tooth to want mount the barricades and seldom do I get exercised about them – far too much to do to be bothered. Generally I can just tut and shake my head at the generally parlous state of politics. You would have thought that the expenses scandal might have been a watershed and we could expect better now. However it seems that we still have at least a few who have so lost sight of principles or beliefs that they cannot ever become more than chattering empty heads spouting ridiculous mantras of spin and knee jerk froth.

One such raised his head today and frankly I can only condemn the broadcaster for giving him the space to belch out such stinking halitosis. His name, Douglas Alexander that pathetic excuse for a ventriloquists doll – not capable of a thought of his own but more than able to make a noise when a hand is shoved up his behind.

Instead of being critical of a government visiting the middle east with a bunch of arms dealers in tow, excusing their selling of arms and tear gas to repressive regimes on the basis that this wasn’t the tear gas in use at the time, Douglas Alexander criticises the tardy supply of a plane to Libya to airlift British nationals. Of course we want our our nationals safe and home but really!!! Well Douglas your right it wasn’t quite as quick as the one that carried your former leader to shake hands and kiss the but of the same despot who is now merrily killing civilians, or indeed as fast as the plane that took him to a buckshee holiday courtesy of a neighbouring despot, or even the one that took him to the arms of the ghastly fascist of Italy. Didn’t hear you speaking up about that Douglas. Lost your voice then did you? You always have been and always will be a non entity as shallow as pavement spit and with a lot less integrity.

God help the lot of us if this is the best our politicians can manage at a time of hope being won at intolerable cost by courageous people sick of being under the heel of monsters supported and endorsed by our government on the basis that they may be sons of bitches but they are at least our sons of bitches.

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