Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Save me from the airport whingers

Now call me a curmudgeon if you wish but...I am getting tired of airport whingers. I am as exercised as anyone about the usual and predictable collapse of the transport infrastructure in the face of a bit of snow. Shouldn't happen and there is no excuse. For those saying it would cost soooo much to procure the necessary equipment to prevent this I say – actually no it wouldn't, and secondly we do seem to be able to find enough money to fight unnecessary and illegal wars don't we. But I digress.

What really irked me was the interview with a woman on the news describing how she had been forced to spend the night at an airport with her children, and how her husband had found it necessary to walk a mile (yes a whole mile) in the snow (yes real snow) in order to get a taxi to take them home. She described her children as being “traumatised” by the experience.

Okay, lets get a bit of perspective here. I see bright young things in stilettos and not much else walk a mile in the grey Glasgow snow for a taxi on Saturday night. Now I wouldn't recommend that but unless your hubby is a right Jessie I am not truly sympathetic. A mile – poor love. At least he got a cab! I guess she must be the type of person that drives the 200 yards to the local supermarket and parks in a disabled parking space because it is just tooo much effort to walk.

But children “traumatised”!!!??? Nah, sorry. Traumatised is where you see daddy run down by the snow plough and ends up as a red smear in a snow drift. Or maybe when you lose a figure or two to frostbite as you are held in the freezing airport security queue. Or even when the plane skids on the snow and berths itself through the terminal window causing mass casualties. That might be classed as a traumatising experience. Spending the night at an airport albeit cold and hungry would have been the best fun I could ever have had as a kid, it would have been a real adventure. Bit like being locked in a department store overnight! True I might have got myself arrested but even that wouldn't have been that traumatising ( well its just a case or familiarity and practise I guess.) And my folks clearly went to a different parenting school to this ridiculous woman because they would have made it an adventure for us.

Kids of today eh. Tchh! I blame the parents.

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